LoanBullet LLC acquires LoanXEngine

Nov 1 2018 - LoanBullet LLC enthusiastically announces that LoanBullet has acquired the entirety of the LoanXEngine business from Mortgage Builder / Altisource S.a.r.l. LoanBullet is acquiring LoanXEngine, all software, facilities and staff.

LoanXEngine is a proven stalwart of accurate pricing, having acted as a PPE, CRM and lead/prospect management solution for years. By acquiring LoanXEngine, LoanBullet gains new management, and also the original founder of LoanXEngine, Alan Johnson.

Alan Johnson said, "This is great news for LoanXEngine clients. We intend to continue making major investments in the product, technology and service. We have been working on some additional major new technology and look forward to taking off the wraps on this early in 2019. This new LoanBullet technology will plug directly into the existing LoanXEngine and should stand to vastly increase new and existing client opportunities dramatically."

LoanBullet LLC is focused on providing advanced leading edge solutions for mortgage industry bankers, brokers and loan officers through Self-Service POS, PPE, CRM & LMS software solutions.

Press Contact:
David Burge

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