About Loan Bullet LLC

LoanBullet LLC is focused on providing advanced mortgage automation solutions for bankers, brokers and loan officers through self-service POS portals, PPE, CRM & LMS software.

Headquartered in Denver Colorado, LoanBullet has a seasoned executive staff with each more than 20 years experience building and supporting mortgage software. Together they seek to continue to surprise with ever new and exciting software capabilities and world-class support for the mortgage industry.

LoanBullet recently launched LoanBullet POS as a mobile-first UI designed quick-pricer and a complete borrower portal solution. It allows for full customer self-service from Lead-to-Loan-to-Lock, and communication with borrowers via access to their own loan. Offered as complete stand-alone solution with company branding, or as an embedded solution into an existing company website, LoanBullet POS provides new cutting-edge opportunities for direct retail (POS), and a new simple option for loan officers, brokers and bankers.

LoanBullet also recently acquired LoanXEngine from MortgageBuilder / Altisource S.a.r.l. A stalwart software solution, LoanXEngine will continue to see extensive investment and expansion of its core back office roll as a PPE, CRM, leads and prospecting tool.

We invite you to come and get to know LoanBullet and its staff. Please feel free to contact us, schedule a demo and learn new possibilities await.

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