LoanBullet POS Product Launched

Jan 8 2019 - LoanBullet LLC is thrilled to launch a major new product called LoanBullet POS, and a new release of LoanXEngine. Both are seamlessly integrated with each other.

LoanBullet POS is a mobile-first UI designed quick-pricer and a complete borrower portal solution. It allows for full customer self-service from Loan-to-Lock, and communication with borrowers via access to their own loan. Offered as complete stand-alone solution with company branding, or as an embedded solution into an existing company website, it provides new cutting-edge opportunities for direct retail (POS), and a new simple option for loan officers, brokers and bankers.

LoanBullet POS has some unique capabilities including 100% all-time rate and rate status awareness, enabling a user to go as far as live locking if the pricing remains current. LoanOfficer, Brokers and Bankers can create live portal for clients even if they didn't originally start their loan through a rate search. They can continuously communicate with borrowers with tasks and documents. The possibility for customer self-service with high touch support has never been easier.

LoanXEngine is fully integrated into LoanBullet POS. It serves pricing, enables borrower creation of loans, scenarios and lock requests within LoanBullet. It also allows loan officers and brokers to use LoanXEngine to brand LoanBullet POS, change settings, create tasks and documents directly for borrowers, right from within LoanXEngine.

Since LoanBullet POS is a major new product, we have created a introductory product demo video which we encourage you to view here: We hope you review the demo, and are as excited about this new product as we are.

LoanBullet LLC is focused on providing advanced leading edge solutions for mortgage industry bankers, brokers and loan officers through Self-Service POS, PPE, CRM & LMS software solutions.

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David Burge

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