Advanced Live Pricer & Borrower POS Portal

Full Customer Self-service Portal, High Touch assistance when needed & always Rate Aware.


Advanced Self-Service Loan Origination

LoanBullet POS is a mobile-first UI designed quick-rate pricer and complete borrower portal solution. It allows for full customer self-service from no info Lead-to-Loan-to-Lock (LLL), and communication with borrowers via access to their own loan. Offered as complete stand-alone solution with company branding, or as an embedded solution into an existing company website, it provides new cutting-edge opportunities for automatin, direct retail point-of-sale (POS), and a new simple option for loan officers, brokers and bankers.

LoanBullet provides the closest thing to a true loan shopping experience. It allows you to push out an individualized self-service borrower portal, while intelligently routing or assigning loan officers, generating emails, uploading docs and spawning borrower tasks. Embed the LoanBullet as a quick pricer only or use it as a full standalone portal with your private domain name. Offer high-touch communication with the borrower at anytime while the borrower completes, prices, selects and Locks their own loan.

Our software products are designed to raise companies to the next level and generate competitive advantages. Your satisfaction and success with LoanXEngine is our satisfaction and success.

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LoanBullet POS and LoanXEngine are built and supported in the USA.